The progression of eCommerce has revolutionized the way people shop. From home decor accessories to electronics – everything is available online today and that too at reasonable prices. Almost every business around the globe which is aware of this revolution has the presence online. But, how you can make your eCommerce business standout?

With billions of e-commerce services offering perks like free delivery, outstanding products and hassle-free shopping – what is going to be your USP?

Well, we will find it all in this blog. But, first, let us study what is UX and why it is most important for your eCommerce Store.

What Is UX and Why Is It Important for an eCommerce Store?

User experience is defined as the overall experience of users when they visit your eCommerce store or site. Implementing a decent UX on an eCommerce store needs a lot of work, ideation, and testing. 

As per Optinmonster, average online cart abandonment rate is increasing with every passing year. Have you ever thought why around 76 out of every 100 of your site visitors end up leaving the cart without completing the purchase? One reason could be that they aren’t impressed with all that they experienced on your website. 

eCommerce Shopping Experience

Here are three major reasons why your eCommerce store needs to have a good UX:

  • Great UX increase revenue through retention and conversion
  • Great UX can help you get more clients
  • Bad UX makes users leave your site 

The UX is not just a minor or irrelevant element of your eCommerce business or website. However, it is the factor that has the biggest effect on consumer satisfaction, your ongoing revenues and conversion rates. 

There are bunches of things that degrade the user experience – confusing navigation of the website, slow loading speed, broken landing pages, long checkout procedures, and more. Every one of these issues is irritating for the users willing to shop from your eCommerce store. 

Unsatisfied users are far more likely to shop less things – or even abandon their shopping cart. To battle off this attack on your eCommerce store, you first need to recognize the issue. Then you have to make every possible effort to provide an ideal user experience. 

Now that you know what is user experience and what good or bad it can do to your eCommerce business, let’s get started and see how you can improve the user experience of your eCommerce Store.

What Can Businesses Do to Ensure a Good UX?

If you are worried about what it would take to shape up the ideal eCommerce UX for your website’s visitor, we got you covered. Below mentioned are a couple of the most effective approaches using which you can take the user experience of your eCommerce Store to a whole new level: 

Pay Heeds to Organized and Easy Navigation

Imagine going into a store and finding clothes mixed up with utensils or curtains … how will it make you feel? Lost, right? Your eCommerce store visitor can get a similar feeling if you have poor site navigation. It can take them long to discover the products they’re searching for and finding the new ones will become almost impossible for them

So, what makes the navigation of a website ideal? Well, it relies upon your users and the manner in which they shop. Based on your user’s behavior you can decide the classification of your products and categories you should display on your main menu. 

In the year 2016, Amazon used to offer heaps of navigation options including the classification list on the left of the page. 

Today, top navigation options have been cut down and simplified. Have a look at this: 

You should learn lessons from eCommerce leaders like Amazon if you want to provide outstanding UX to your customers. You have to make sure that your website navigation is simple and easy for your users to understand.

Make the Checkout Process and Payments Faster

Lessen the number of fields your users have to fill out while making the checkout process. And wherever possible automate some of the processes for them. For instance, add a standard location validator to save time for your users and guarantee that you get perfect, legitimate information for your client database. 

Here are a few points that you should keep in mind for making things easier for your users to increase your eCommerce sales.

  • Give them an option to pay using numerous payment methods (for example, Credit or Debit Card, Paypal, Apple Pay, etc)  
  • Do not compel people to sign up as it is a major conversion rate killer.
  • Have a consistent look and feel on all your pages. 
  • Try to embed minimum form fields.
  • Never redirect them to other websites to pay.
  • Provide assurance on security and privacy.
  • Include a call to action.

Try not to irritate users over and over again to work with you — make it as simple as possible for them to convert. Ask for a minimum amount of information when they are making a purchase and leave the old marketing tactics of collecting extra data just for the sake of capturing their interest or getting information about them.

If your checkout process scares users away, you won’t get their details in any case. 

Offer Save to Wishlist Option 

When users shop online they don’t make the decisions instantly. And, adding to cart might be a big decision for some users. It is possible that a user likes your product however he wants to surf more before making the final decision of purchasing the same. Or, they may want to buy the product some other time and they might be surfing for now.

Whatever the reason might be, giving the option to save products before making a purchase enables clients to shop comfortably without being forced to make a quick decision.

This is a helpful feature since it will help you to send suggestions to those clients to remind them about completing their checkout process. You can even send them a special discount offers to motivate them to buy in the near future. 

Focus on Personalization

Personalization in the eCommerce business domain has become more important than ever helping brands make a strong relationship with their customers. Since users today have a limitless number of options to choose from, such personalization will turn into a key to their loyalty.

Great eCommerce UX is all about providing customized suggestions to users based on their past behavior. 

Product recommendations that are based on past purchases of the users increase the relevant content on your site and enable your users  to discover new products they will possibly like.

As a result, your conversion rate will go up.

A section on your eCommerce website with title “Customers Who Bought This Product Also Viewed” can prove as an excellent example of simple UX personalization:

If you have a bit of experience on shopping online from websites like Amazon or Flipkart, you know precisely what this element is because you have likely reviewed some of the suggestions like the one shown above 

Adding simple recommendation sections can assist you in accomplishing a similar objective without the requirement for a massive investment in redesigning your online store. 

Engage and Reward

The client journey never ends with the first purchase. In fact, it starts after that. It addition to providing them an excellent user experience, it’s also crucial to engage them with your online store to stay at the top of their minds when they think about shopping.

You can do this with the help of social media ads and emails. When your users come back to your store via these ads, figure out how you can provide them an experience that is as effective as possible.

You can also make good use of personalization here.

For example, you can show them a rundown of the products they last viewed or added to their wishlist. Also, awarding your loyal customers with special offers and products can serve as an encouragement to bring them back to your eCommerce site. 

Wrapping Up

Doesn’t matter which industry you belong to, you have to serve your users with a simple to-use, clean and engaging website. I hope after reading this post you have an idea on how you can make a decent online eCommerce UX to take your eCommerce sales to a whole new level.


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