Announce Your Biz On Social Media

If you don’t already have your business’ Social Media Accounts and we can set you started. We’ll create the Social Media Accounts for the following platforms:

We’ll update your profile with company’s logo, services or other relevant details by either getting details from you personally or from your website.

We make one post on daily basis (except on holidays) to your social media account (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter). The posts are updated via Client Admin Panel. You could have the ability to schedule posts through the Client Admin panel on any given day and time, on the subscribed social media platforms of your choice.

Highlighting Your Staff

Highlighting your company with people who work in it is no doubt the ideal way to represent your brand. It gives your clients and followers an opportunity to take a look at the people behind the scenes. It further gives them a glimpse of your employees’ skills, hobbies, personal interests etc. By sharing images of Christmas celebrations, appreciation lunch and other special events of note are a fantastic way of demonstrating your company’s corporate culture.

Employing Visuals With Every Post

The world is getting more and more visual as we move forward. People prefer to see images to reading long paragraphs of text. Marketing has shifted in that regard and become more visual-centric.

Images drive engagement and you’re more likely to get a response through them. With that aim in mind, we use really attractive images that are bound to get user’s attention and interest in learning more about you.

Responding To Posts

With customer service now high on agenda on most business’s checking list, it’s incumbent on businesses to respond to people on their social media networks.

While very few business really live up to the mark, those who do reap the sweet rewards of customer loyalty. We promptly respond to comments and queries posted by your users and this gives them a sense of being valued customers. With our strong social media team, you’ll never be let down by a customer seeking any kind of information about your business.

Discussing current events

There’s always something going on in the real-world from major soccer matches, singing contests or some other special event. Your business can get users engaged by talking about these events and look to elicit their response. Talking about current events also sends an indication to your followers that you keep yourself updated and in the know-how of what’s happening around the world.

Our team can take care of all that very easily. We’ll wish your fans happy holidays and ask for their plans if the holiday season is drawing close or send condolences in response to some unfortunate event.

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