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Planning to make an app like Duolingo? Here is how much it will cost you.

If you are not living under a rock – you must have heard about Chatbots. A technology that is disrupting the business world by providing amazing advantages. And, you know what is the most amazing thing about this technology? Its benefits are now not just limited to keeping the users of a business engaged and informed.

These chatbots are now entering academics as well – and they are effectively making people learn new languages! It is one of the significant USPs of Duolingo – the leader of all language learning applications.

With over 200 Million active users, Duolingo is one of the best language-learning apps available in the app stores. And the credit goes to its effective and clean designs, appealing gamification strategies and robust architecture. 

Now, if you are planning to make an application like Duolingo or excited to find out whether its a good idea to develop the one or not – read on the following blog and you will get the answers to all your questions. 

To start with, let’s see what exactly is Duolingo and how it works.

What Is Duolingo and How Does It Works?

Duolingo in simple words, is one of the leading language learning platforms. Using it, a user can learn several languages easily and effectively. The exercises in this application are learned using a gamified approach and are focused on the direct interpretation of the words, sentences and phrases from an objective language to your first language and the other way around.

Here is how it works:

  • After signing up, the app provides an option to users for selecting the language they want to learn and let them evaluate their skills in-app. Users can take the test to find out their level in the language they want to learn.
  • No matter which language the user wants to learn – with Duolingo, the learning process becomes simpler. The procedure starts with letting users learn the basic words first like man, apple, car, etc. Then the app takes them to advance level.
  • Users keep crossing the levels and tasks get more complicated with every level. To embed gamification in the learning process, the app provides users with three lives to clear every level. This implies that if you fail thrice – you will have to repeat the whole level again.

This platform is accessible not only by app, but is also available via browsers. In fact, Duolingo has established its hold on not only Android but also iOS, and Windows. This app is equipped to teach 31 languages to the 300 million users that it has acquired since 2011, the year it was founded. 

Now that you know what is Duilingo and how it works – it’s time to see whether it is right to invest in developing an application like Duolingo or not. So, let’s dig in and find out.

Why Invest In Developing an Application Like Duolingo?

“I want to learn French”

In a single month, the above phrase was searched on google for more than 500 times in the USA only. Other phrases like “I want to learn Spanish” “How to learn portuguese” also have such a mind blowing number of searches on Google. 

With the world getting connected with the help of Internet, it is becoming more important for everyone today to learn as many languages as he/she can. And, that tells all about the scope of building your own language learning platform. 

Also, this is the reason behind the amazing growth of online language learning market. Have a look on predicted Market Size of Global Language Learning service industry by Statista:

Language Learning App Market Size

The language learning industry is changing at a fast pace because of the globalization of the economy and the development of cost-effective innovation based products. Over the globe, language learning apps and websites have made the learning process easier and easily accessible.

Also, new technologies, for example, IOT, wearable, artificial intelligence, chatbot and cloud computing have resulted in proliferation of language learning applications.

Not convinced yet? Here are a few stats from another research about Online Language Learning Market:


Astonishing, isn’t it? The above data shows that it is profitable to invest in building an application like Duolingo.

A ripple effect of all these stats and data online is resulting in various Entrepreneurs and Startups showing interest in Duolingo like app development.  If you are one of them, keep reading the article as we are going to discuss the same here. Let’s start with features that you must include in your app like Duolingo to make it a success.

6 Must-Have Features to Include In Your App Like Duolingo 

Development of an app like Duolingo requires integration of several technologies and features. While there are a plethora of features available in Duolingo app, we will here talk about the most basic (MVP) features only. So, let’s take a walk-through of must-have app features and then we will jump to the duolingo-like app development cost estimation.

1. Settings & Profile

The first main feature that every app like Duolingo should have is User Profile & Settings. In fact, every mlearning app should include this feature. This is the feature using which the user can save all his personal details and check out on all the activities he performed on the app. Not only this, the feature also allows the user to make changes in the content shared while enjoying the total experience offered by platform.                  

2. Courses

Every m-learning app is designed to provide a platform to users to learn something. In this case, its languages. In total, Duolingo app has in total of 31 language courses listed over the platform. This feature also includes the option for users to learn daily, weekly or monthly basis. Remember, it is crucial to include a wide number of courses in you app like Duolingo to provide options to users.

3. Practice Sessions & Revisions

This is the main feature of the app that defines its purpose. This app helps the user learn languages through several listening exercises, games, etc. Along with all that, they have also added multiple options starting from translation to the displayed content, making the learning process easier & fun. 

4. Push Notification

Push notifications is one of the features that every m learning app should have. Whenever one plans on developing an app like Duolingo, it is a must for them to go with the push notification feature. This feature reminds users to complete the course they started assuring to motivate the users. 

5. Gamification Process

Gamification, we have referred to this word multiple times now. What do we mean by that? If you are planning to develop a Duolingo-clone app, you should know all about this feature. This is the feature that makes an app like Duolingo interesting. The two prime areas where Gamification can be used are – 

Levels – The elements like animation, sound effects, etc. are included in Gamification feature that we are talking about here. These elements are used to make the screen super-engaging. 

Achievements & Badges – This is the feature that spreads joy among the user for completing a course. Once you are done with the course or a task, you are given a badge along with other items. What’s even more interesting is there is a leaderboard screen in which the achievers are listed. 

6. Integration Of Social Media

At last comes the feature that an app like Duolingo should have. The social sign-in feature has become really popular among the apps. In fact, it has become one of the necessities whenever there is a login required. So, don’t forget to integrate social media platforms in your own app like Duolingo.

This is the list of top features that every app like Duolingo should have to make the user experience better and worth it. Not only will these features impress the users, but will also enhance the engagement. Along with these features, there are also other factors that need consideration while building an app like Duolingo. Let’s now put the spotlight on those as well.

3 Factors That Need Critical Consideration While Developing an App Like Duolingo

1.Your Language Learning App Should Be Easy To Use and Engaging

While creating an app like Duolingo you have to make sure that your app doesn’t frustrate your users. They are on it to learn something and you have to make their learning easier.

Duolingo has a simple to use and engaging UI/UX. The app focus on creating a learning experience that users find fun and engaging. Their exercises include an assortment of speaking, listening and communicating challenges. So, if you want to make your Duolingo like app a success, don’t forget focusing on keeping its UI/UX simple and engaging.

Duolingo like app development

The app follows a simple approach to make the exercises simple to get a handle on and clear. Whether they are teaching using a riddle or providing fun bite-lessons  – their methodology is clear. And that removes the complexity completely.

So, create a clean UI to select challenges, puzzles and games along with numerous language choices and keep your users engaged.

2. Respect the Relation Between Learning and Gamification

As mentioned above, apps like Duolingo are taking full advantages of Gamification process to keep their users engaged. With these apps, the entire learning process revolves around solving puzzles, quests and getting points. Sounds fun, right?

These apps are transforming the process of learning into an exciting game with achievements, incentives and challenges.

So, if you are planning to create an app like Duolingo, plan including Gamification at every step and make your app a success.

3. The Integration of Chatbot Will Make Your Language App a Success

Chatbots are transforming the technology world again. And language learning bots are outstanding. The credit of Duolingo’s success goes to the bot they have created. It helps users in speaking a foreign language easily. 

The AI-powered chatbot learning framework is soon going to replace the human tutors. And your never know your billion-dollar language learning application idea does it sooner! So, if you are planning to develop an app like Duolingo, make sure to incorporate a robust Chatbot in it.

Now, that we have seen everything we require to develop an app like Duolingo, let’s jump to the main question about Duolingo like App Development cost.

How Much Will It Cost to Develop an App Like Duolingo?

The cost of developing an app like Duolingo depends on multiple factors and these factors include – 

Selection of App Platform 

The cost of developing an app like Duolingo varies largely depending on the platform you select – Android, iOS or both. Remember every platform needs the utilization of different tech-stack and therefore, will have different price range.

Front-End Development 

There are some front-end development technologies that are open-source and some that are not. So, the cost also varies depending on which one you select and at what hourly price your front-end developer works. All these factors contribute to deciding the cost of development of app like Duolingo.

Backend Development 

Selecting backend development platform will also help decide the cost of the project. Different development languages, hosting services, and frameworks will have different price tags.

Designing Process 

There are multiple factors that vouch into the cost of m-learning app development. So, if you are planning to develop a Duolingo like app, you should be aware of all these factors. One such factor is the designing toolkit that you would want your team to use. 

Testing Process 

When it comes to development of app like Duolingo, it is vital to pay attention to the quality delivered to you. This is where the process of testing comes in handy. Testing is usually included within the package if you hire a good Duolingo like app development company. 

Now that you have seen that cost of developing an app like duolingo depends on several factors, it is hard to give an exact estimate of the same. But, to give you a rough idea, we would say that if you plan to develop an app like Duolingo – it will cost you somewhere around $30K – $50K.

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