Innovation Excellence recently published a synopsis of their top mobile development trends for 2016. Noting innovations driven by emerging technologies such as Google Glass, Apple Watch, fitness trackers, Android Wear and other wearables, along with the idea of the Internet of Things and cloud technologies, they note some of the main challenges for developers in 2016.  

Among the biggest trends/challenges, they note

  • Apple’s new language Swift, which combines features both as an application and a systems language, will give developers the tools to create a more qualified and reliable code from the very beginning of the development process. 
  • The constant increase in the sales of mobile devices will create a even higher demand for Enterprise App development, with 35% of leading companies expected to develop their own mobile app development platforms by 2016 that will result in mobile app demand outrunning the IT companies’ capacity to satisfy it by five to one in the 2017.
  • Cross-platform tools will take the leading positions, as significant numbers of devices with advanced level functionality will require the support of multiple platforms. The surge of cross-platforms will be intensified by the rise of cloud computing. 
  • The “Internet of Things” will progress to a new level, and the size of the possibilities can be imagined only by understanding that by 2020 more than 5 billion people and 50 billion things will be connected to each other, with IoT product and service suppliers are expected to have total revenue over $300 billion. 
  • Security will continue to be of paramount importance, and will continue its run as the most stable and actual trend through the history of the Internet.

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