Have you ever encountered a frustrating traffic Jam? Well, if you live in a vibrant and busy city, there are high chances. 

Congestion on roads is on the rise these days. And because of this, existing transportation system using buses, cars or trains – can no longer keep up with the growing populace. As indicated by the 2018 INRIX National Traffic Scorecard, Americans lost approximately 97 hours every year because of the traffic.

To solve the problem, eScooters have introduced themselves as a saviour. With cities all around the world compelled to solve their transportation crisis in the midst of rising concerns around gas-controlled emissions, startups like Bird and Lime – are developing as a ground-breaking option to transportation problems.

The demand of eScooters in the countries like USA, UK and China is on the rise and this is forcing budding entrepreneurs to take the lead of changing the trends of transportation with e-Scooters. 

Are you planning to develop an e-Scooter app like Lime or Bird? It is time for you to gear up. The market is huge, the competition is continuously expanding and the challenges are a bit complex. 

However, if you step in the market with full proof planning – you can surely become the next bird or lime. Before we discuss, how? Let’s get familiar with e-Scooter market and its statistics.

 Electric Scooter Market: Trends and Statistics

As business like Lime and Bird are touching the pinnacle of success, it is clear that the demand of consumers and investors for last-mile transportation solutions is on the rise.

In 2018, this trend was initiated with the arrival of dockless electric scooters by Lime and Bird in the US. Immediately after the launch, e-scooters found solid product market fit and that turned Bird and Lime into one of the quickest ever US companies to reach billion dollar valuations, with each accomplishing this milestone inside a year of inception.

The trend of e-scooter startups rapidly scaling into huge organizations has continued into 2019 as well with Yellow and Grin declaring a merger to become the biggest micro-mobility company in again less than a year after their inception.

Have a look at the e-Scooter investors and valuation of big players in the market:

escooter app market trends

Source: Forbes

Not just in the USA, e-scooter companies from all over the world like Skip, Scoot, Spin, PopScoot, Tier Mobility, Voi Technology, Dott, and Flash – announced large capital raises in the year 2019.

In Europe, five e-scooter startups have emerged and raised over $150M of capital since the start of 2018. All these details show that e-Scooter Market is flourishing and it will be a smart idea for every budding entrepreneur to take its benefits.

Let’s see a few more numbers and E-Scooter industry trends that clearly show how eScooter industry is flourishing in full brilliance while taking eScooter application development with it: 

  • E-Scooter market is expected to reach $41.98B by 2030.
  • 5 million units of e-scooters were sold in 2018.
  • E-Scooter market will develop at a CAGR of 7.3%.
  • E-Scooters earn over $3.65 per ride
  • E-Scooter revenue is expected to grow 21% by 2023

Looking at E-Scooter market insights, we can say that the future of e-Scooter model is as splendid as the sun. So, if you are planning to launch an e-Scooter app, now is the time to do so. Now that you all about the e-Scooter Market stats and why is it a good idea to jump in this industry, let’s see what features you will require to add in your e-Scooter app.

10 Must-Have Features of an e-Scooter App

While there is no limit to features that you can add in your e-Scooter App, there are some common features that are present in almost all e-scooter applications. Being crucial to the main functionality, these are known as the must-have features that must be available in all the eScooter applications. Ones that have contributed hugely to the developing electric scooter application market size. 

So let’s check all of them:

Features of eScooter Apps

1. Onboarding

Let the sign-up process be as simple as possible in your e-Scooter app so users can begin riding as soon as possible. You can also include an intuitive tutorial on how to use the application, that will list all the tips and tricks for securely using an e-Scooter.

2. Locate The Scooters

The e-Scooter application should make it simple for its users to find the available eScooters so that they can easily choose which e-Scooter would be better for them to rent. Also, the feature would make the entire procedure a cakewalk for them. Like the taxi booking service, the application you are going to build should also enable users to discover the location of e-scooters and rent them with only a couple of snaps. 

3. QR Code

Your users should find the process of booking an eScooters simple. Adding the QR code would let users scan the code of the respective eScooter effectively by utilizing their smartphone cameras, and book it for a particular time frame. 

You can also include a feature that enables the users to end the ride or enables the client to take little stops and lock their dockless eScooter for a small time frame.

4. Tracking

When users complete the ride, they will have to park the eScooter in the parking area. The tracking option would not just make it simpler for the users to track the location of the relating parking area but would also let the users park their vehicles securely, confronting no further provocation. 

5. Payment

A safe and hassle-free payment option let the users pay for the services online. This feature would be a viable add-on to your application. Remember to include as many payment options  as possible to help your app users pay online. PayPal, Stripe, Braintree are the most trusted and most used techniques for in-application payments.

6. Ride History

Giving your users access to see their ride history is unquestionably a must-have functionality of your app. Ride histories are really helpful when using an eScooter app. They help users find the past rides they had and the amount they had paid to avail the same. 

There are certain situations where the users overlook or don’t get time to check the amount deducted from their card for the ride. They typically get the time to check that a little later and that’s when this feature comes handy.

7. Push Notifications

Push notifications is a crucial feature for your e scooter application development. Using this feature, you can provide important information to your users regarding their rides. Push notifications are additionally helpful on the other hand. It is a way for organizations to keep their users struck to their application by educating them about different deals and discounts.

8. User Feedbacks

If you want to make an e scooter application that stands out, you should continue working on your product and keep it updated with every single required change. 

The ratings and reviews feature works as a lifeline for your application. It will assist your users in sharing their ride experiences with you and will also let you know about any error that users face while dealing with your app or booking their eScooters. Through this feature, you will also come to know about the additional perks your users want you to add in your eScooter application. 

Also, this feature will create a real-time bond between you and the users and this in result will let your business thrive in the competitive market.

9. Coupons And Discounts

This is a feature that will increase user engagement in your application and will prevent your users from going anywhere. Because there is no one who doesn’t love deals and discount offers, right?

Discounts or cashbacks for referrals not just keeps the users happy, but also helps you increase the customer base. You will also know what works to keep your users connected with your app, and what doesn’t. 

10. Smart Lock

Using the smart lock feature, the users will be able to lock the scooter after their ride ends. Thus, the next one who is going to use the eScooter will have to first unlock it first from the application before they start the ride. The feature set that is ordinarily present in all the eScooter applications and gives an amazing user experience, holds the possibility to make you the industry’s next success story. 

The one way in which you can guarantee that you remain on the positive side of the eScooter market is by taking care of the tech stack. A task that generally falls under the technical person’s KRA but something that an app owner too needs to keep an eye on. So, let’s get into it.

The tech stack you use for the development of your e-Scooter app have the power to make or break your business .Always keep in mind, that users desire easy UI and impressive UX while dealing with such apps along with robust app performance. 

So, make sure you select the best blend of technologies to develop your own eScotter app.If you want expert advice for selecting the right tech stack for your app – you can talk to our expert developers here.

Now that you have seen what should be tech stack for developing an app like bird. Let’s move forward and put the spotlight on the business and revenue model of these eScooter apps.

Business and Revenue Model of eScooter Apps Like Bird

Scooter-sharing businesses like Bird make money in the same way their much-larger counterparts like Uber and Lyft does. They let users hire eScooters to travel short distances. The scooters are GPS-empowered, so anybody with the application can discover one in their vicinity to rent it. The businesses generally charge users a fixed fee for each trip and an extra fee for each minute they use the e-Scooter.

However, there is a key distinction between a scooter-sharing and a ride-hailing company: the former owns every one of the scooters it deploys on the road while a ride-hailing service like Lyft or Uber doesn’t need such investment.

As per forbes, the revenue of e-Scooter apps like Bird depend on:

  • Fee charged for every trip, which provides the fixed part of revenue per trip. The eScooter sharing app, Bird charges $1 per trip from users.
  • Extra fee charged per minute, which is the variable part of revenue per trip. Bird charges users 15 cents for every minute for the total duration of the trip. 

The base case situation expect an average trip duration of 25 minutes. And number of trips for which a scooter can be utilized over its lifetime as per the base case situation is 300 trips.

Bird Revenue Per Ride

If you calculate the Bird’s average revenue per trip considering the base condition, it comes around $4.75, as shown in the picture above, which is equal to total revenue of $1,425 for the organization over the expected 300-ride lifetime of an eScooter. 

When you put resources into the bike sharing application development, it is natural to expect a specific amount of revenue from it. While you can monetize your app in the above mentioned ways, here are a few other ways you can use to earn money from you eScooter app:

  • Sell ads: You can show targeted ads in your application. For example, you can advertise local eateries,hotels and shops. 
  • Sell memberships: Introduce the membership game. Let your users enroll by providing benefits like yearly, monthly or weekly passes. 
  • Provide deals and discounts: You can plan to increase user loyalty by providing users coupons and promo codes.

All set to make your own eScooter app like Bird or Lime? Well, now that you have seen everything related to it, you shouldn’t delay in talking about the next big step that can make you a billionaire. Let’s see how much this step will cost you.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an e-Scooter Application Like Bird?

To build up the Uber of e-Scooter sharing application, it normally takes 800 to 1000 hours. The work in these hours involve planning, prototyping, wireframing, user-experience designing, development, testing, and Quality Assurance. However, the time of building up a Bird-like mobile application differ dependent on the complexity of features you plan to include in your app and experience and expertise of your developers.

The cost again varies depending on the hourly rate of developers you hire. Generally, the cost of building up a Bird-like e-scooter mobile application comes somewhere around $70K to $80K. But, this range of e-scooter application development cost differs from company to company as the level of experience and skills differ.

Wrapping Up

The industry of eScooter mobile application is fresh but still growing. It’s the perfect time to enter the market and enjoy the fruits of accomplishment. Do you want to understand the entire concept of e-Scooter mobile app idea? Or you would like to talk about your eScooter application requirements? Talk to our expert developers and understand the ABC of this on-demand business and how you should proceed with your e-scooter application development process.


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