Wondering why your business has hit a growth ceiling? There’s a strong possibility that the reason is your lack of mobile presence/strategy. The folks at Tune have written an amazing Blog post on this subject called Unicorn Dinosaurs: How mobile is fueling Fortune 1000 success

Among the eye-opening data in this summary:

  • Mobile leaders in the F1000 grow market value 15% faster than mobile laggards, and are 1.9X more likely to be financially successful
  • Fortune 1000 companies that are top 10 in their business category in number of mobile customers significantly outperformed the market
  • 65.4% of companies that demonstrate financial success are also leading their business category in mobile customers
  • Companies that invest in mobile realize 8-15% higher stock market returns than companies that do not

If your business growth has stalled, or if you want to chart a path toward increased revenue, contact us today and let us help you develop a mobile strategy/product that will set you on a path to profit!


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