What is the cost of building a React Native App? Let’s find out…

When it comes to developing an app, the app development cost is one of the major factors that need consideration. Doesn’t matter whether you are developing an app for your business or just want to test out your idea, you must pay heeds to the amount of money it will cost you. Your app development cost should not make a hole in your pocket and the end product must also provide you the best possible benefits within your budget.

The cost of developing an app depends on several factors – the platform you are building your app for, the technologies you are planning to use, features you want to integrate into it and of course, the complexity of your project. 

However, if you are planning to build your app with React Native, you can get a robust app developed in less time and cost. But, what is React Native? What value will it add to your project? Is this framework reliable? And, how much will it cost to make a React Native App? 

We will find answers to all these questions one-by-one in this blog. To start with, let’s find out What is React Native and its role in developing cross-platform apps.

What is React Native?

React Native is a mobile application development framework that empowers the development of Android and iOS applications utilizing native UI components. This implies applications developed in React Native have look and feel of native applications and can be launched on both platforms simultaneously. 

It can help you create exciting and high-performing mobile applications with the help of JavaScript only, which is loved by the community of developers and is one of the most used programming languages worldwide. Simply code once, and the React Native apps are ready for both – iOS and Android platform – which in turn help you save development time and cost. 

Backed by the social media giant Facebook, React Native, has an enormous community support today. This renowned framework came in existence in the summers of 2013 as Facebook’s hackathon project which the company started internally. 

Its first preview for the public was released in January of 2015 at ReactJS Conference and in March Month of 2015, Facebook made React Native open-source and accessible on GitHub. From then, it has been widely embraced by developers and businesses as a result of its ability to create powerful native like applications and incredible User Interfaces.

Here is the success timeline of React Native:

Its time-to time-updates and endless support by Facebook is the reason behind RN’s growing demand among entrepreneurs who have started believing in cross-platform app development just after the launch of this amazing technology. 

Now that we know the history of React Native, let’s see what benefits it provides to entrepreneurs while developing an app.

Why Entrepreneurs Choose React Native App Development?

There are various advantages that React Native offers to entrepreneurs that compel them to select it for app development. Here are all of them:

1. Native Like Look & Feel

The main reason that always kept entrepreneurs away from cross-platform app development was the unsurety of the app’s performance. Because a cross-platform app is developed in less time and cost, a number of app owners think that this way they will compromise with their app’s quality.

However, React Native cleared this myth forever. With its easy accessibility to third-party modules and APIs for accessing the features of a device, it solves the performance issue and lets developers create apps with Native look and feel.

2. Simplified UI

React Native is known in the industry for creating beautiful User Interfaces. If we compare this framework with its competitors, we find that it looks more like a JavaScript library than a framework. 

It’s essential to make a sequence of actions when creating a mobile application and React Native makes an executing order simply great. Furthermore, UIs designed in React Native are increasingly responsive having decreased load time, and a smoother feel. 

3. Low Mobile App Development Cost

Despite the amazing benefits it provides, the cost of React Native App Development is comparatively less. 

The mobile application development cost that you would have to pay when building a Native application is at least 2-3 folds higher than what you will have to pay while developing a cross-platform app using React Native.

The reason behind this difference in cost is because of the shared codebase and low resource requirements when using react-native. Both these factors impact the cost of a mobile app development a lot.

4. Community Support

React Native is an open-source platform. That implies all documentation related to this technology is open for everybody and is accessible for free in React Native community. Also, there are several incredible advantages of utilizing a community-driven framework. For instance, if you or your developers face any issue related to React Native development, you can find support from experts in the community or discover information on the web.

Aside from the GitHub community of developers, React Native is also enormously supported and maintained by Facebook. Facebook developers have created a special forum for long discussion where all developers can share best practices and solutions to problems.

5. Reusable Code & Pre-Built Components

This is one of the most important advantages of React Native. Using this framework, developers don’t have to develop a different mobile application for every platform, as almost 90% of React Native code can be reused among iOS and Android.

For businesses and entrepreneurs that are planning to create a mobile application, React Native is an ideal solution that can cut the cost and time in half. Also, if a company already has a web application written in React, much of its code can be reused for creating a mobile application. An open-source library of already built components in React Native enormously accelerates the procedure of mobile application development. 

6. Live and Hot Reloading

React Native is equipped with Live and Hot Reloading feature which provides ease to the developers and again reduces the development time and cost. One of the biggest advantages of hot reload is the capacity to make changes in the source code so they can be seen without the requirement to recompile the application. 

If a React Native Developer has two open windows (one with the code he is writing and another with the app screen), for example, they can see the outcome on the application screen instantly after applying changes in code. 

7. Expedited Go-To-Market Time

Since the development time in RN is less when compared to native approach, it makes it feasible for entrepreneurs to release their application in the market inside the stipulated time. This is also one of the greatest factors that make React Native a great choice for app development.

8. Less Resources Required

React Native application development team needs the consideration of just 1 designer, 2 developers, 1 tester and 1 project manager. While in the case of Native application development, the team size that is required gets multiplied by two – one for every platform.

9. Easy Transformation from Web to App

The single-codebase advantage that React Native applications offer isn’t simply among Android and iOS applications. It can likewise be utilized to transform your web application into a mobile-driven application. 

10. Plenty of Ready-Made Solutions and Libraries

The React Native framework has an amazing list of ready-made libraries and solutions that significantly facilitate mobile app development. Also, React Native is compatible with JavaScript libraries. 

Now, that we know the amazing benefits of React Native, let’s find the answer to the main question i.e. How much will React Native Application Development Cost.

How Much Will React Native App Development Cost?

The expense of building up a React Native Application relies upon a number of factors. The key contributing factors to the React Native application development cost include: 

App Complexity

The level of complexity varies depending upon the type of app and features you want to integrate into it. Every application can be categorized in segments ranging from low to high complexity. Below mentioned are a few factors depending on which you can depict the complexity range of your app: 

  • Admin Panel: The admin panel is an integral part of every application. The more feature-rich you want your admin panel to be, the more complexity of the app rises thereby increasing the cost of development. 
  • Backend: There are several options for the Backend development of an app like BaaS or Custom.
  • In-App Purchase: In-App purchase options increase the complexity of an app. Thus, more in-app purchase options mean increased complexity as well as cost.
  • Third-party integration: Your application may need to connect with other application’s functionality for login or payments; these integrations are a bit complicated with React Native when compared with the Native app development process. 
  • Integration with legacy systems: You may need to integrate your applications with an in-house legacy framework like Enterprise applications, and this type of project for the most part fall under medium to high complexity scale. 

Your Developer’s Experience

There are a number of React Native Developers present in the market with varied experiences. And, it is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to predicting the cost of building a react native app. If you want an experienced developer to work on your project, you have to invest a good amount of money in the project. 

However, if you consider a medium or less experienced developer for building your application, you can get your app ready by spending less. But, be aware of the quality in the latter case as an inexperienced developer might not be aware of the best practices that impact the app performance to a great extent. The experience will be a significant price altering factor here.

User Authorization

If you are developing an application that doesn’t require any sort of authorization or logins, then the expense of an application will be less. However, the applications which need users to login will cost somewhat more. The efforts are required from the end of the application development team here to guarantee that the applications are created and deployed superbly. 

App Design

Design is the major component that is crucial to keep your users engaged in-app. An application that has smooth transitions to move from one screen to the next, seamless user flow and well-timed animations will help you get users easily.

Also, the designing of app screens and user experience could be well connected with costs. But, the good news is — with React Native application development, the development and designing cost comes out to be very low when compared with Native application design cost — and the best of all is only one application needs to be designed.

Agency’s Location

When determining React Native App Development Cost, the location of your React Native App Development Company plays a significant role. With regards to employing React Native application developers or designers, you may find that Eastern countries charge not as much as companies in the USA or Australia charges. So, you will have to keep this factor in mind while looking for React Native Application Developers.

Team Size

React Native Application Development Cost would differ depending on the team size of the company you hire. When looking for developers you have three options: 

  • You can hire a freelancers
  • You can associate with a mid-cap company
  • You can associate with a high-cap company

Generally, hiring a freelancer to build up your React Native app is the most savvy option. But, it will not be quality effective. On the other hand, if you plan to collaborate with a high-cap company, their base pricing would be high since that’s how they sustain in the market. 

That’s why the best option is to go with a mid-cap company whose base pricing starts at $20-$40. Also, there are high chances that they are willing to execute your innovative idea because such companies want growth by doing something out-of-the-box.

So, that was all about the factors that can assist you with deciding the React Native App Development cost. Every one of these factors meets up to answer How much will it cost to create a React Native App. Now, providing a numeric response to this question is just feasible after knowing the details of the project. 

Wrapping Up

With this, we have come to the end of the discussion. We hope now you have an idea of ‘How Much Will It Cost to Build a React Native App in the Year 2020.’ To give you a summary, the cost to build an app depends on a lot of different factors, which we just discussed above.

Now, if you want to talk about numbers, we can say that, if a native app will cost you around $70k-$80k, developing the same app using React Native framework will lessen the cost up to 30-40%. Want to try your hands on React Native? Let’s Talk!


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