Teksystems has produced this outstanding Infographic summarizing some of the data on the IT skills gap we discussed in our last blog entry. Among some of the key points:

– Only 1/3 of IT leaders/professionals believe their organization has the in-house skills to address their needs

– IT leaders and professionals have divergent views on why/where the skills gap exists

– About 50% of IT leaders have little to no expectation of filling a job with a skills-appropriate candidate in their anticipated time frame

Clearly, traditional education and on the job training are not producing the kind of skilled workers needed to meet the current IT needs of  today’s employers.

App Academy is our immersive 5 day course designed to bridge the IT skills gap that currently exists for so many Tech professionals in the mobile development arena.

Consider boosting your IT skills or the skills of your business’s IT employees by attending an upcoming App Academy! 


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