During our recent time at the SXSW Interactive, we had the chance to meet LOTS of folks who need a mobile App for their business. When talking with business owners, many of them conceive of this task similar to the way a marketer might think of a seasonal campaign (focused effort applied in the short term to achieve predetermined productivity goal). But mobile applications are complex technology products that require niche expertise — product strategy and management, experience and interface design, and native development and testing — to achieve the first of many version releases in a product’s road map.

The folks at Chief Marketer have written a very informative blog geared towards businesses who are ready to engage the mobile app development process, but don’t know where to start

Among the blog’s key points:

1. Product-focused and iterative road maps: A leading agency will demonstrate a proven track record of creating, managing, supporting, and evolving apps. Look for a partner that proposes an iterative release road map spanning 12-18 months, not just the first version or minimum viable product.

2. Multidisciplinary teams: The product agency manages multidisciplinary teams across core practice areas for each client. These disciplines include product strategy, experience design, user interface design, software development, quality assurance testing, and analytics — all overseen by a product manager with a proven track record of developing and iterating mobile projects.

3. Collaborative, mixed-source teams: Because most brands opt for a mixed-source approach, leading product agencies must be adept collaborators. This requires clear communication and understanding where the brand’s expertise lies and where the agency can add value. The product agency’s ability to maximize clients’ strengths, fortify their weaknesses, and lead where they haven’t evolved is crucial for a collaborative approach.

4. Multi-year relationships: Many agencies are capable of building a good product, but can they keep improving? A proven product agency will demonstrate successful execution of long-term product road maps with iterative version releases. Look for an agency that emphasizes fast-paced evolution and its portfolio of relationships rather than just its products.

5. Research and development: No agency can guarantee how mobile technology will change tomorrow, but leaders demonstrate a commitment to understanding where the landscape is heading and position their teams to react to uncertainty. Select the partner that can demonstrate the shortest learning curve to embrace new technology.

The Appcentric team is committed to using these core principals to develop the best mobile solution for your business. Contact us today, and let us help you get your App on!!


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