Successful Mobile App development depends on a pre-planned, laid-out concept and structured process for every stage of the development life-cycle. B2C has a new blog that summarizes some of the key considerations when planning to develop a mobile app.

Among the critical parts of the planning process:

  • Describe Your App in a Nutshell – The first step of pre-planning includes preparing a very short description of what your app should be all about.
  • Determine the Needs of Your Target Audience – This is one of the most critical stages, but when done right, it can illuminate many factors that can be beneficial in building an appropriate mobile app. For this, it is crucial to identify your target audience and know their ‘buying’ behavior and preferences. 
  • Browse through Similar Apps – Unless your app idea isn’t something in the ‘niche’ category or completely unique, it is easier to find similar apps in the app store. Go through some of these apps, and notice their key features, how they work, technical aspects, customer ratings and reviews, etc. 
  • Brainstorm a ‘Powerful’ App Idea – On the contrary to the concept of “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” when you brainstorm with a group of people, you are capable of building more innovative and unique ideas. But for this, it is important to identify people who can add value to your app idea, and not necessarily like-minded people. 
  • Create a Master List of Outputs – This would be different from what you conceptualized in the beginning. Based on your research and findings from the above steps, create a comprehensive list and compare this with the initial concept. 
  • Translate Your Ideas into a Simple Flowchart – A diagram or flowchart is the best way to communicate your app idea, workflow and functionalities to the development team. But make sure to keep it simple, clear and concise for everyone to understand easily. 

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