Mobile is the undeniable future of commerce, but many brands, from small businesses to enterprises, consistently miss the mark. They fall short of tapping into mobile’s potential to build meaningful relationships with consumers, gathering insights into those audiences, and maximizing return on investment (ROI). The folks at Entrepreneur recently posted a great list of reasons that your brand might be behind on mobile platforms

Among their primary culprits:

1. Your data isn’t guiding you. Learn from churn.

Churn rates are a constant thorn in marketers’ sides, and not just on mobile. They often lead marketers into a reactive tailspin rather than fostering proactive marketing innovation. While some churn is expected, the key is to learn from it in a systematic, scientific way by taking a hard look at the customer data your app collects.

2. Users don’t understand your app value. Show it to them.

People spend 85 percent of their time on smartphones inside apps, but they won’t stay if they don’t immediately grasp the value of your app. As such, show them up front how to get the most out of it.

3. You’re not getting push opt-Ins. Change your approach.

Push notifications are another important part of the mobile customer journey, but most brands fail to get user permissions. There’s a reason only 42 percent of app users opt into push notifications — because brands blast them out without context. But utility is exactly what gets consumers to allow and engage with push notifications.

4. You don’t treat your users like individuals. Personalize your approach.

Above all else, marketers must remember their audience is comprised of unique individuals, and build mobile strategies around that idea. In engaging users, marketers fail to take into account their lives — their work and play, school and sleep, country and culture. In fact, 63 percent of marketers send messages to users at the wrong time. And that’s only the beginning of mobile personalization, which should factor in preferences, behaviors, lifecycle, and more.

Mobile is more than a channel. It’s the hub for your customer relationships, with unlimited engagement opportunities. Do you want to maximize these customer rleationships? We’d love to help you get the most out of your existing mobile platforms or develop a mobile strategy for you!


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