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It’s well known nowadays that if you have a website, you need to get proper SEO done on it. But in addition to that, an orderly setup and configuration of your website are just as important to appear on the SERPs. At Appcentric, we take great care to perform your website optimization in compliance to the latest SEO standards. Our experts will provide a wholistic approach to help your website succeed in SEO>

Areas We Work On:

Desirable Crawling

Crawling is search engines way of fetching data from your website for it to be displayed in the SERPs. Now there are certain pages that are the core of your business and highlight what you actually do and your achievements. These are the pages that you want search engines to be crawling. However, there are certain pages that don’t add any real value to your website. You want such pages not to be crawled. Our experts fully analyze the state of your website and by going deep into such settings as information architecture, robots.txt, sitemap.xml and navigation options to ensure only the data that matters is being crawled.

Proper Indexing

Indexation is the immediate step after crawling and it’s quite significant in the whole process of SEO. We employ high-end tools to analyze and optimize your website. We keep a close watch on how search engines are crawling your website, which pages are being indexed and which are not. By addressing all issues with non-indexed pages, we then dedicate our efforts to increase their ranking in the SERPs.

Welcoming User Experience

The usability aspect of the website can’t be emphasized enough. It’s all good to create a website and have it properly crawled and indexed to get it displayed on the SERPs. But, all these efforts are to no avail if the website doesn’t offer a satisfying user experience. There are websites, that once opened draw users in to explore more and then there are those then visitors simply want to find the red close button for. Our experts are well acquainted with the little tricks whose application can significantly improve the website’s usability factors. By using the right call-to-actions and placing subtle visual cue, we impart a warm and welcoming look to your website.

On-Page SEO

Our thoroughgoing review process and on-site optimization methods are aimed at making your website SEO Friendly, adding indispensable value to other efforts of your campaign. The search engines use various criterion to rank websites. To make sure your website ranks higher in the searches, its On-Page SEO has to be perfect. Our expert team does that for you improving website’s ranking and boosting its performance.

Plus much more…

SEO does not end here. There are many spokes in the SEO wheel outside of the website that make up our wholistic approach. Social aspects, blogs, relevant content, consumable content, Google My Business, relevant local sites, accurate directory data, email campaigns, image metadata, keywords and many other aspects all play a huge role in SEO. We take it all into account when we work with you.

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