CEOs of startups that develop mobile apps are very much familiar with the constant struggle between speed and quality. In mobile app development, the infamously longer development cycles, as compared to traditional web applications, are problematic for developers and entrepreneurs. Being the first-to-market can be the difference between a runaway success and a product that never makes it off the shelf.

A recent Forbes article offered some key advise for companies looking to offset costs and speed up their entry into the mobile app arena. Among the suggestions…

1. Use Low-Fidelity Wireframes As A Guiding Blueprint
Before jumping head first into the time-consuming process of building your mobile app, it’s wise to use low-fidelity wireframes to map out and plan the layout of your app from a design and architectural view. 

2. Adopt The Lean Method, Launch Your MVP And Start Testing
Rather than entering the market with a fully formed, robust product, launch only a minimum viable product, or an MVP, to enter the market fast. Immediately begin collecting data using a build-measure-learn feedback loop. 

3. Consider Hybrid Mobile Development Solutions
Cross-platform hybrid solutions, like Adobe Phonegap and Xamarin, allow you to use a single codebase to target multiple platforms, rather than writing native code for each platform separately. You build once and get two apps, for both Android and iOS platforms. 

4. Offload Non-Core Activities
Once you’ve built your core product, it’s time to think about how your mobile app is going to effectively engage your customers. Mobile engagement platforms are full of pre-made applets that you can add to your core product without any additional coding. 

5. Outsource Non-Core Development Features
If your mobile app does require some level of coding, consider outsourcing some of your development efforts. Sometimes outsourcing for developers is more efficient than having your in-house team do it. 

6. Set Up Automated Testing To Ensure App Security
The best way to accommodate fast development cycles while also providing a secure, quality product is by automating your mobile application testing. By automating testing, you can simultaneously run a suite of tests that would otherwise take hours to complete manually. 

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