Even business owners who aren’t steeped in the latest technological advances realize that developing mobile Apps is an essential part of achieving process efficiency and customer satisfaction in today’s economic climate. However, the route to successfully developing and maintaining an app is often littered with hidden complexities that are masked by the misconception that apps are small and, therefore, simple.

IT News Africa has enumerated many of these considerations in their latest blog entry: Small does not equate with simple in mobile app development

Among their key assertions:

  • According to Gartner, the demand for mobile app development resources is expected to outstrip organisations’ development capacity by 5:1 within the next two years.
  • Operating system updates and improvements alone dictate that apps need to be refreshed and rejigged to ensure they still run and display correctly. Add to this the release of new app features and functionality and it is easy to grasp the reality that a mobile app is not a ‘release-once and move on’ scenario.
  • Businesses need to have executive level buy-in to the app development process and the acceptance that it is not a once-off cost.
  • Companies often make the mistake of simply replicating the functionality or processes they apply on their desktop website.

Whether you need to have an App designed, written, or maintained for your business (or all three!) Appcentric Software can help you analyze all factors involved in successfully mobilizing your business. Consider contacting us today and letting us help you Get Your App On!


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